Wachusett Hills Christian School





♦  Great news!  For the 2017/2018 school year, we will be adding a kindergarten. 

♦  Some more good news!  The Southern New England Conference has added another $100/semester to the
    3-way plan bringing the total possible tuition savings up to $1300/yr/student.

♦  God is good!  We have won a $5000 grant with which to add to and upgrade our computer & technology

  Our music program now includes a chime choir and voice choir.

  We have added the online version of Encyclopedia Britannica to our class library.  Actually, there are 3 versions - 
     elementary, middle, and standard.  Now an up-to-date encyclopedia for each child is just a click away.     

New spelling games for the upper graders have been added through SpellingCity.com.  The lower graders can
    also take advantage of this feature.

  Check out our library of over 3500 volumes.  We add to it yearly.

  We have upgraded to a state-of-the-art internet security filtering system to provide our children with a safe and   
    healthy online environment. 

  This year we have added  a camera monitoring system to assist in the safety and protection of our students.

♦  Perhaps you have noticed our totally revised, updated web site?

♦  For the 2017-18 school year, the Southern New England Conference has added another $100 per semester to the         3-way plan, bringing the total available assistance to $1400/year.  To access the application form,
click here.